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Employment Hearing Test and Report

It is common that a workplace requests employees to conduct a hearing test, as either a pre-hire or an ongoing employment requirement. For the new hires, the hearing test ensures that the prospect employees meet specific safety requirements for the workplace, and helps establish a baseline hearing measurement prior to start of employment. Different occupations [...]

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Getting Used to Your Hearing Aid

The team at Ultima Hearing Centre is here to support you as you adjust to wearing, using and caring for your new hearing aid. We are dedicated to making this transition as positive as possible as your hearing aid becomes a part of your daily routine. Patients need different amounts of time for [...]

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Do I Need One or Two Hearing Aids?

Eighty percent of patients with hearing loss have impairment in both ears. Hearing with both ears compared to one produces strong results for those with a hearing impairment in both ears. Like our eyes do for sight, our ears work together to improve our hearing. Some of the advantages of wearing two hearing aids [...]

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The Importance of Hearing

Listening to a friend laughing at a joke, a dog barking to get your attention, singing along to your favourite song…how you would feel if these experiences were slowly taken from you? In this context, it’s easy to understand how and why the ability to hear connects us to others and the world around [...]

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Explaining How We Hear

Binaural hearing, or hearing with both ears, helps us localize sounds. This is why we have two ears! It also allows us to precisely focus on what we want to hear by letting us perceive certain sounds, like speech, louder and clearer while ignoring others (e.g. a car passing by). A few of the [...]

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