Eighty percent of patients with hearing loss have impairment in both ears. Hearing with both ears compared to one produces strong results for those with a hearing impairment in both ears. Like our eyes do for sight, our ears work together to improve our hearing. Some of the advantages of wearing two hearing aids are:

Both ears are active – research shows when only one hearing aid is worn, the other ear tends to strain itself to hear as well as the other ear. Wearing two hearing aids stimulates slowing down the loss of speech understanding.

Improves understanding and localization of speech – wearing two hearing aids helps the brain focus on conversations. With two devices, you will also find the ability to locate the direction of sound better (e.g. you will know which way to look when you hear a car honking).

Better sound quality – with two hearing aids, you will not need to set your volume as high if you would using only one. This also results in better sound quality and less distortion of sound.

Balanced sound – by wearing two hearing aids, you will increase your range of hearing. This will improve the quality of the sound, as well as the ability to determine if sounds that are further away.

Improved comprehension in a noisy situation – with two hearing aids, it is much easier for a patient to understand another person’s speech, even in a noisy restaurant when they are listening to a waiter.