It is common that a workplace requests employees to conduct a hearing test, as either a pre-hire or an ongoing employment requirement.

For the new hires, the hearing test ensures that the prospect employees meet specific safety requirements for the workplace, and helps establish a baseline hearing measurement prior to start of employment. Different occupations may require a hearing test as part of their hiring process, but the most common ones are:

  • Police Officers and Law Enforcement
  • Fire Fighters and First Responders
  • Transit Operators (bus, subway, etc.)
  • Commercial Drivers (e.g., holders of Class B, C, E and F licences in Ontario)
  • Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers

Similarly, where workers are likely to be exposed to noise in excess of 80-85 dBA at the workplace, periodic audiometric testing may be necessary. It is used to determine if a hearing loss is occurring or being prevented.

During an audiometric test, a worker is seated in the sound-treated booth or other appropriate room and a set of headphones placed over the ears (or inserts placed into the ears). When the worker is ready, the hearing professional sends a series of tones through the earphones to one ear, and then the other. The worker signals as each tone is heard. The worker’s thresholds are recorded for each ear either on a graph, called an audiogram, or numerically on a chart. The test results will typically be classified as normal or abnormal. If a worker’s test result is found to be normal, no further testing is required until the next scheduled test. If a worker’s test result is found to be abnormal, the hearing professional may ask the worker for additional medical history, and advise the worker to follow up with an appropriate medical professional for more in-depth testing.

At Ultima Hearing Centre, we are experienced in conducting pre-hire and employment hearing tests, and preparing the necessary reports. We also provide hearing assessment in accordance with the standards of OACP certificate testing for police recruitment, including OPP, TPS, YRP and RCMP. To book your appointment, please complete the following contact form, give us a call or send us an email.


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