Most hearing aid manufacturers offer four or five technology levels. Loosely, they are called: Essential/Basic, Standard, Advanced, and Premium. Higher technology levels include more channels for additional customization options. Each technology level is often equipped with distinguishable features; hence, there is a considerable price difference between them. Let us take a look at the technology levels and what you can expect from them in general. Please note only a licensed hearing professional can properly assess your hearing needs based on your unique lifestyle, and recommend the best hearing aid technology and features for you.

Essential and Basic Technology Level

As the name suggests, the Basic hearing aids are entry-level compared to the other options. However, that is not to say that they are not very good. Your real needs are based on what your lifestyle is. This level of technology may well give you some help in mildly noisy situations, but once the noise rises beyond that, they will struggle.

Standard Technology Level

You can expect all of the support that a Basic hearing aid would deliver but better, and on top of that, you can expect help in group situations, small meetings, out and about at the shops and in restaurants. These devices are aimed at people who are a little more active. The features in these hearing aids will be slightly better than the essential functions and are designed to help you hear in somewhat more challenging sound situations. This level is where you start seeing features such as acoustic motion sensors, own voice processing and wind noise canceling.

Advanced Technology Level

Again, you can expect all of the help you get from the two previous levels of hearing technology but better. Advanced hearing aid technology can be expected to assist you in even complex sound situations, especially if you use coping strategies well. Usually, at this level, you can expect real help with hearing better in situations like large auditoriums, open plan buildings such as places of worship. You should be able to hear quite well at the theatre, music should be a far better experience. This level of technology is ideal for active people delivering good sound quality and speech clarity in most situations they will find themselves in. This level of technology has dramatically improved in the last few years; it seems that most of the manufacturers are keeping a lot of their top end technology features in the advanced ranges. Examples include advanced noise suppression, direct connectivity to smartphones, Tinnitus therapy and HD music programs to enjoy live and recorded music.

Premium Technology Level

Pretty much what you would expect, everything that the rest can do but exceptionally better. Premium hearing aid technology is designed to deliver the very best possible hearing and speech clarity in even complex sound situations. This level of technology is where hearing aid manufacturers deliver all of their very latest features. This level of technology is for people who simply have to hear well in almost every situation. At this level, you can expect many of the features in the previous levels to be automatically adjusted based on the environment you are in. Most manufacturers have incorporated artificial intelligence to make the hearing experience as natural as possible for the users.

We understand the importance of your hearing health and its dramatic impact on your lifestyle. Even after your hearing test is done, you can expect your hearing practitioner to spend a good amount of time with you just to understand your lifestyle and your expectations from the hearing aids. We do not take your investment in hearing aids lightly, nor should you.

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